About Us

Founding Story

“When I started Real Skills, it wasn’t a business. It was a guy helping his friends cope with the adversities of learning, finding a job and meeting people. 

Technology is our greatest strength but it’s also causing one of the steepest learning periods of our generation. The workplace is rapidly changing and the skill sets required for jobs changing with them. Yet, through no fault of their own — the very institutions that train us for these workplaces can’t keep up. 

There needed to be something to help students adapt and bridge this gap between the rapidly changing workplace and the vocational education they were provided. 

We train amazing talent and help companies connect with them. We provide the real skills. We are the bridge.”

Ajay Prakash

Forbes Asia 30U30

Managing Director | Real Skills Education

Our Story

Since being founded in Jan 2016, Real Skills Education has come a long way …

January 2016

Real Skills Education began in 2016 founded by Ajay Prakash and Walter Kong with a strong interest in professional skill development. Providing students with interactive sessions to create the optimal learning environment that reflects the modern changes in the job market.

December 2016

The 1st STEM Leaders Program is held with 32 participants and 5 projects in December 2016.

January 2017

The team grows to 11 people with the introduction of the partners, programs and marketing divisions. RSE is sponsored by the UNSW Engineering Faculty as a Student Led Project.

July 2017

In July 2017, we ran the 2nd Stem Leaders Program, with 45 participants and the introduction of the Chemical and Electrical Engineering streams. William becomes President of Operations with a team of 15 people. Our Board of Directors is formed with Sarah (Fujitsu General) and Richard (Dematic) joining.

December 2017

We run our first workshop for highschool students at the B.Inspiring STEM Conference. We run the 3rd Stem Leaders Program with 92 applications, 57 participants and the introduction of the Biomedical and IT/Data streams.

January 2018

Our team grows to 18 people with the introduction of the HR division. RSE takes part in FYA’s Innovation Nation Program. RSE becomes a member of the UNSW Engineering Faculty’s Industry Partnership Program Package.

April 2018

Introduction of the IT division to the team. We run our first on-site high school workshop at Strathfield Girls High School and our first USYD workshop in collaboration with SUEUA. Across the semester, we present for over 100 people through our workshops.

July 2018

Our operational team grows to 39 people. We run the 4th SLP, with over 214 applications, 84 participants and 9 industry projects. Introduction of the Engineering Power-Up Program with 26 participants.

December 2018

The Board of Advisors is formed with Raymond (Suncorp), Andrew (Gamurs) and Marco (Charter Hall) joining. We run the 5th SLP with 215 applications, 59 participants and 7 industry projects. Our sponsorship from the UNSW Engineering Faculty comes to an end.