Power-Up Program

Upskill, Explore, Connect

Program Description

Today, university STEM degrees, are becoming increasingly outgrown by the rapid pace of technological development. If you are tired of playing catch up, and want to get ahead and explore uncharted territories than its time to stop falling behind and power up your degree with the Engineering Power-Up Program (EPUP)!

In a joint venture with Draper Startup House, we present the second iteration of The Engineering Power Up Program. Come along and join this amazing opportunity to explore your potential and the world of business and engineering!

Program Structure

The Engineering Power-Up Program (EPuP) is a two-staged program designed to foster talent, equipping them with sought-after technical skills to conquer the engineering industry.

Phase 1 : Sydney - Growth

Building Applications

Stack follows the BEM naming convention that focusses on logical code readability that is reflected in both the HTML and CSS. Interactive elements such as accordions and tabs follow the same markup patterns making rapid development easier for developers and beginners alike.

Add to this the thoughtfully presented documentation, featuring code highlighting, snippets, class customizer explanation and you’ve got yourself one powerful value package.

Data Analytics

With the onset of the wave of industrialization and the ever-growing impact of data in our everyday lives. Understanding how to effectively capture data and how to tap the potential in data to solve problems and make swift business decisions has become more important than ever.

Through this course you will learn how to use machine learning and data analytical frameworks to examine large amounts of data and discover hidden patterns, unlock correlations, and reveal insights.

Design Thinking

Medium Rare is an elite author known for offering high-quality, high-value products backed by timely and personable support. Recognised and awarded by Envato on multiple occasions for producing consistently outstanding products, it’s no wonder over 20,000 customers enjoy using Medium Rare templates.

Phase 2 : Singapore - Mastery

Explore Business Hubs

Step out of the classroom in Sydney, and enter the bustling and thriving international business scene in Singapore. Experience one of the most technologically advanced and fast-moving entrepreneurial centres in the world.

A place where ideas are bought to life and grow through constant innovation. Connect with local industry leaders and successful entrepreneurs to learn about their life story and how you can take the next step to success.

2 Week Project

With the power of engineering at your fingertips, tackle some of the greatest challenges facing 21st-century society. Develop your grand idea by simulating a start-up and build an MVP over 2 weeks in the entrepreneurial hub of Singapore.

By the end of 2-weeks, you will have the opportunity to pitch your idea to a panel of judges, including industry-leading founders and venture capitalists.

Experience Singapore’s Culture

Experience a melting pot of cultures, at the centre of the former maritime silk road, and the centre of the Asia-pacific region today. Whether it be walking down the narrow old lanes of Chinatown, taking a dive through the vibrant nightlife or tasting all of the delights of Singaporean cuisine. Singapore is a treasure trove with something for everyone.