The Archaic Model

Out-Dated Teaching Systems
With universities still employing 20th century teaching methods and content, it is severely lagging behind to what is required today. By 2030 it is predicted that 50 percent of employees will require high-level programming and software design skills. The jobs of the future will also demand 70% more enterprise skills.

Pains of Recruitment
With the need to identify talented individuals amongst thousands of candidates, traditional recruitment methods are struggling to accurately identify the attributes and traits needed to succeed in the future.

Project Achievements


IoT Navigation Project


- Smart lock system - Business card wallet


water saving system

Innovative Ideas

Our partners have submitted over 40 ideas, challenges and projects and received creative solutions from students with diverse backgrounds. And through this process, we have developed talented students who possesses:

The Ability to Break Boundaries

The Skills of Tomorrow

The Ability to Grow Your Brand


FemeTech Hackthon

20 Oct 2019
To design and showcase your creative solution to an industry problem to a panel of judges (including the FemeTech CEO, Nichol Stark and multinational accounting organisation Deloitte).

RSE X CBA X UNSW WIT: Resume Workshop

12 March 2020
In the workshop, CBA reps will give you professional guidance and tips on writing resumes and the application process. You’ll also have the opportunity to receive targeted feedback on your resume from RSE reps in a one-on-one resume review!

UTS Engineering Society: Design Thinking Workshop

21 May 2020
The Design Thinking Skills Workshop introduces students to how to approach a problem, generate multiple solutions and assess which is the best. You will learn how to improve your soft skills that are required in the workplace and learn problem-solving using these same skills.


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Edmund Lee
Role Description - Company

Partner's Benefit

  • Opportunities to participate in our cornerstone SLP throughout year
  • Job and opportunity posting on our social media platform including Facebook and Linkedin
  • Your logo featured in RSE Website's Partners page
  • Opportunities to become involved in our diversity programs such a the WSU Careers fair, WSU IBP and Femetech Hackathon
  • Opportunities to headline our smaller, regular events throughout the year
  • Direct invitation to all our industry networking and mentoring events, such as the SLP Expo night
  • Run a larger scale program with us, all tailored to your objectives upon request